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Pondok Restaurant - Dinner Menu




Caesar Salad  
Romaine lettuce with anchovy dressing, crispy bacon, quails egg and garlic rosemary lavoche
Basil marinated tomatoes grilled with buffalo mozzarella
and olive oil dressing


Spicy seafood soup with prawns, scallops, squid,
fish, chili, tomatoes and basil

Main Course

Spaghetti Napoli  
Spaghetti with prawns, chili and basil in Napoli sauce
Rack of Lamb  
Herb crusted rack of lamb, oven roasted potato, sautéed baby beans and onion jus
Classic Australian Sirloin  
Grilled beef sirloin, roasted garlic potato sticks, arugula and shallots in sherry vinegar



Salada Ayam Bali  
Balinese style chicken salad with cabbage, shallots and lemongrass
Minced prawns steamed with ginger, garlic and coconut milk served with fine apple sambal



Soto Ayam  
Chicken soup with glass noodles, fried shallots, celery and lime
Soup Hasil Laut  
Mixed seafood soup with kencur, green tomato, shallots and sambal soto

Main Course

Kalio Udang  
Prawn curry, Sumatra style
Terik Daging  
Grilled beef curry flavored with coconut and
lemon grass
Ikan Bakar  
Grilled catch of the day with torch ginger sambal
Ayam Taliwang  
Grilled chicken Lombok style with chili and
candlenut paste
Ayam Opor  
Stewed chicken curry with butter-galangal and
candlenut paste



Kanom Jeeb Poo  
Steamed crab dumplings served with light soya sauce dip
Gai Hor Bai Toey  
Fried marinated chicken pieces, wrapped in fragrant pandan leaves



Tom Yum Goong  
Hot and sour soup with prawns, lemon grass
and lime
Tom Khar Gai  
Chicken soup infused with galangal and
coconut milk


Main Course

Gai Pad Met Mamuang  
Chicken stir-fried with cashew nuts, dried chili
and spring onions
Gang Khewan Gai  
Chicken and thai basil cooked in hot green curry
Gang Pet Ped Yan  
Roasted duck, pineapple, cherry tomato and thai basil cooked in red curry
Pla Gao Nom Sam Rod  
Whole fried grouper with a trio of sauce
Pad Pak Man Hoi  
Vegetables stir-fried in oyster sauce
Pak Bueng Paidaeng  
Water spinach stir-fried with salted yellow beans

All prices subject to 11% Government Tax and 10% Service Charge

Banjar Semana, Desa Singakerta, Ubud, Bali - Indonesia
Tel: +62 361 8987 111 - Fax: +62 361 8987 222

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