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Semana Spa Service

Semana Spa

A Prince or A Princess
Which would you like to be ?

The Semana Spa is serenely located in a secluded and private open-air Bale Bengong on the Ayung River bank in Ubud. Be part of nature and experience total relaxation in the lotus pond bath with the sounds of the nearby waterfall. The choice of treatments will enhance this unsurpassed experience for you to rejuvenate and simply enjoy !

Not staying at Villa Semana?
It is easy to enjoy the Villa Semana Spa experience even if you are not a guest at our hotel. Complete the spa booking form below, email us or call us at (62 361) 8987 111 to book in advance. For your convenience, we provide a shuttle service around Ubud area and can pick you up from your hotel in Ubud. If coming from another part of Bali, ask your driver to drop you at the Ubud Tourist Information Center and we will pick you up from there.

Use of Facilities
You can make use of our swimming pool after your spa treatment or while waiting for your friends to finish theirs so remember to bring along your swim suit. Snacks and tea are complimentary at our pool side restaurant from 4pm. You might even consider staying for dinner. We suggest you plan to spend the entire day at Villa Semana; take photos, have a meal or explore the surrounding area with a short trek. Enjoy the beauty of our resort at the cost of your spa treatment. Simply let us know and we would be happy to make the necessary arrangements.

Yoga Classes
Daily yoga classes are now available at the Semana Spa. View our Yoga Programs and e-mail us to book in advance.

Booking Information
* The Semana Spa accommodates 2 persons at any one time
* Spa reservations are required at least 2 hours in advance
* Complimentary pick up from any location in Ubud
* Prices are subject to 21% government tax and service charge

Spa Treatment Reservation Form

Select your treatment and fill in the form below

Divine Dreams 180 mins    USD 125

Total indulgence begins with a foot bath, a cleansing body wash, followed by a choice of coffee or corn scrub for a deep skin cleansing, or the Balinese Boreh wrap that is a warming blend spices and ground rice. Step into the aromatherapy flower bath and relax. Complete the rejuvenation process with the Semana massage and Refreshing facial.

* The Balinese Body wrap is not recommended for pregnant women.

Foot bath (10 min) - Lavender body wash (10 min) - Coffee or Corn Scrub or Boreh Wrap (20 min) - Apply conditioner ((10 min) followed by shower (5 min) - Relax in Floral Bath (15 min) - Semana massage (75 min) - Facial (15 min)

Angel's Realm 150 mins    USD 95

Revitalize yourself with this harmonious treatment that begins with a aromatherapy foot bath and a deep cleansing body wash followed by a 20 min light body massage using olive oil to open up the pores in preparation for the next step. The heart of this treatment is the application of the Lulur scrub, its color reflects the purifying properties of its main ingredient- turmeric. The body is then coated in avocado yogurt to nourish your skin. The floral bath follows. Complete your revitalization with a choice of the traditional Balinese body massage or facial.

Foot bath (10 min) - Body wash (10 min) - Light Body Massage (20 min) - Lulur Scrub (20 min) - Avocado & yoghurt body conditioner (10 min) - Shower (5 min) - Relaxing Floral Bath (15 min) - Massage or Facial (55 min)

Semana Harmony 120 mins    USD 155
2 person, available after 5pm

Savor this intimate, inviting luxury that blends romance and quietude with fluid sensuality.

Reviviscence begins with a foot bath and a Semana massage followed by a lavender body wash. Linger in this intimate solitude in the floral bath. Twilight casts a special spell. Relish in the resplendent colors and magical hues of Nature all around.

Our Food & Beverage team is ready to enthrall and spoil you with a delightful casse-croûte selection of hors d'oeuvre and bottle of Hatten wine.

Foot Bath (10 min) - Semana Massage (80 min) - Lavender Body Wash (10 min) - Relax in the bath tub and enjoy snack and sparkling wine (20 min)

Summer Rain 120 mins    USD 75

Detoxification begins with an aromatherapy foot bath and body wash. Deep cleanse with a choice of coffee or corn scrub to exfoliate and refresh your skin. Complete the cleansing treatment with a flower bath and revel in the Balinese massage.

Foot bath (10 min) - Body wash (10 min) - Coffee or Corn Scrub (20 min) - Apply conditioner (10 min) - Shower (5 min) - Relaxing Floral Bath (15 min) - Balinese Massage (50 min)

Sun-kissed 120 mins    USD 75

Body balance begins with foot and body wash. Heighten your body's restorative powers with the warming Balinese Boreh wrap that is ideal for sore muscles and colds. Refresh with a floral bath and induce a harmonious sense of well being with the Balinese massage.

* The Balinese Body wrap is not recommended for pregnant women.

Foot bath ( 10 min) - Lavendar Body wash (10 min) - Balinese Boreh Wrap (20 min) - Apply body conditioner (10 min) - Shower (5 min) Relaxing Floral Bath (15 min) - Balinese Massage (50 min)

Stardust 90 mins    USD 65

Nourishment of your body, mind and soul begins with a foot and body wash followed by a light body massage.

The Lulur scrub gently exfoliates with the turmeric's healing properties. Ease into the floral bath and leave suffused with an inner glow and luminosity of skin.

Foot bath (10 min) - Body wash (10 min) - Light Body Massage (20 min) - Lulur scrub (20 min) - Apply Avocado & Yoghurt Conditioner (10 min) - Shower (5 min) - Floral Bath (15 min)

Semana Massage 80 mins    USD 58

Adapted from Balinese, Swedish, Japanese, Shiatsu and Thai massage techniques, the invigorating Semana massage eases stiff joints and soothes sore muscles.

Foot bath (10 min) - Semana Massage (70 min)
The Semana Massage is adapted from Balinese, Swedish, Japanese, Shiatsu and Thai massage techniques. Eases stiff joints and soothes sore muscles.

Sutra Classic Manicure 60 mins    USD 30

An exfoliating scrub, traditional nail care, hand and arm massage and the application of nail polish follows the aromatherapy hand soak.

Scrub and traditional nail care (20 min) - Hand soak to soften (10 min) - Hand and arm massage (10 min) - Apply nail polish (20 min)

Sutra Classic Pedicure 60 mins    USD 30

The foot treatment moisturizes and softens the skin of the feet. It includes an aromatic footbath, foot scrub, a relaxing foot massage and application of nail polish.

Foot care (20 min) - Footbath and scrub (10 min) - Foot massage (10 min) - Apply nail polish (20 min)

Traditional Balinese Massage 60 mins    USD 45

This traditional massage is based on ancient therapies and the healing properties of essential oils. The even strokes of the Balinese ritual relieve tension; stimulate blood circulation, relaxing the body, mind and spirit.

Foot bath (10 min) - Traditional Balinese Massage (50 min)

Traditional Balinese Facial 50 mins    USD 45

The signature Balinese recipe provides deep cleansing for all skin types. A light facial massage cleanses and purifies. The gentle fruit mask completes the recipe of hydrating and revitalizing leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Foot bath (10 min) - Traditional Balinese facial with light face massage (25 min) - Apply fruit mask (15 min)

Reflexology 50 mins    USD 40

Pressure is applied to the soles of your feet where pressure points are to achieve full body balancing. This foot extravagance drains tension, inducing a deep state of relaxation.

Foot bath (10 min) - Reflexology (40 min)

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